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Our neoprene support braces may be worn for both preventative measures and for rehabilitative purposes. Our neoprene support braces are also suitable in situations involving sprains, arthritis, osteoarthritis or other sorts of joint pains. Given neoprene’s exceptional ability to retain heat, our support braces preserve the necessary temperature and warmth required for healing in the injured area. Neoprene’s flexibility and its outstanding resistance to damage caused by twisting and flexing allow our neoprene support braces to be comfortably worn by all individuals. Specifically, our neoprene support braces are ergonomically designed to conform to one’s body contours. Our support braces may be taken on and off with extreme ease and may be worn interchangeably between the left and the right. Neoprene is also good for ventilation purposes such as facilitating airing and expelling humidity. Given our neoprene support braces’ lightweight character, they are very suitable for daily wear and often go unnoticed when worn under clothing.