It’s that time of year again. Grass is growing and lawns need to be mowed, but in the age of technology there is a different way to get that job done. It’s called Robby the robotic lawn mower.

   Dave Leising, owner of Creekside Sales and Service, says it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

   Leising says, “If you can do your smart phone and set up your ring tones and everything else, all it is, is a menu you’re selecting.”

   He says the robotic lawn mower is the mower of the future. “It’s a lawn maintenance system. It can keep your lawn mowed and you never have to touch the lawn mower again!”

   On top of being time saving- it will be affordable. It’s a prototype right now from Cub Cadet, but Leising hopes to start selling it by next year for less than 2-thousand dollars. If you can believe it, that’s not the best part. He says, “It’s a battery powered lawn mower. It’s a green machine. Basically it runs until the battery runs down. Goes back to its charging station and recharges and if it hasn’t finished the job it goes back out and continues until it’s finished.”

   Here’s how it works. It’s similar to an electric fence. A green wire goes around the perimeter of your lawn.

   Then the robot follows the wire– mowing the space between.

   Leising says, “The gray portion on it is sensitive so if it hits something it will back up and go around it.” That means that the mower is safe around children. If they are playing in the yard, there is no need to worry about their curious hands.

   The mower is causing quite the stir in front of the store. Leising says drivers have been slowing down to get a look– and people are even stopping to ask about it. We asked those people if they would invest.

   Craig Malcolm, a customer of the store, thinks it is a great idea! Malcolm said, “Set it and forget it. I mean that’s huge because I have a lot of land and you don’t really have to do anything. The cost versus that versus fuel versus repairs, it just seems like the way to go.”

   Others didn’t agree. Another customer, Anthony Nasca stated,” I have a lot of grass to cut, and maintain so personally I wouldn’t go this way.”

   No matter what you think, Robby the robotic mower is a sure sign that times are changing.

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